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Take a Look at Our Exclusive In-Depth Interview with The Moore Advantage Team

Based out of Tucson, Arizona, Lauren & Dorothy Moore are Real Estate experts in the SaddleBrooke area and give us an inside scoop on their successes.

Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your background in the local area?

"The Moore Advantage Team is a mother and daughter team living and working in the community of SaddleBrooke in Tucson. The team consists of Dorothy Moore, Lauren Moore, and Jim Bilwacks (Lauren’s husband). We have seven years of Real Estate experience in Arizona and went from selling 12 houses in 2015 (our 1st year) to selling 120 houses in 2020. For 2021, we have already closed 96 homes so far."

What brought you to Keller Williams Southern Arizona?

"Lauren Moore became a Keller Williams Realtor in 2010 in San Diego. When Lauren moved to Tucson, there was no doubt Keller Williams Southern Arizona would be their team's top pick for a Real Estate company."

What do you like most about working with the KWSA team?

"The #1 thing we like most about working with the Keller Williams Southern Arizona team is the culture. God 1st, Family 2nd, & Business 3rd. KWSA has a great culture!"

Do you have a favorite client story you would like to share where you believe you helped them the most?

"We were truly angels for a client. We went to check on a client who had missed her listing appointment call. When we arrived at her house for our appointment, the door was unlocked and we found her on the floor having a seizure. We called the fire department immediately. We had perfect timing and we saved her life just in time to get her closer to her family."

What is your secret to success?

"We have done so much more than create a business; we have built a community. We take an active part in our clients’ lives and the SaddleBrooke Community. Our goal is to have our clients become our friends. Some of the ways we do this are holding client-appreciation parties in our home instead of a venue, or helping our client any way we can. We also sponsor the SaddleBrooke Golf Associations, Pickleball, Dog Park, Softball Field, and more."

If you could give one piece of helpful advice to a new real estate agent, what would it be?

"Remember you are planting a garden (your business) and seeds take time to grow (clients). Take good care of your business and nurture your clients, and your career will grow immensely."

Where do you see yourselves in the future?

"We truly feel blessed for the business we have. Since 2015, our business continues to grow larger each year."

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