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IntroLend Arizona Chapter Creates Massive Win-Win for Clients and Agents

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IntroLend Arizona Chapter exists to give agents more opportunity, and at the same time to give agents and their clients more transparency and more choice for their lending requirements.

Kristan Cole, Operating Principal of IntroLend Arizona, notes that profits from the Chapter not only go to the ownership team; profits can also go to agents. Agents can become Investor-Owners of their Chapter, and thereby enhance their net worth and earning potential.

According to Kristan Cole, “Clients love IntroLend because it offers multiple programs. They can choose the program that best suits their needs. Agents love IntroLend because it offers multiple lenders. This helps ensure that clients will have every opportunity for successful lending opportunities.”

In addition to offering clients and agents multiple lending programs and lenders, IntroLend’s digital technology platform leads the industry in portability and ease of use. It can be used on phones, tablets, or computers. Wherever and whenever clients choose to access the technology, it is always accessible at their convenience. However, clients can always choose to call their lending professionals at IntroLend directly as well. The ultimate decision rests with the client as to how they choose to interact with IntroLend.

As for agents, they have the ability to use the IntroLend app’s FastTrack program. From their phones, agents can push one button and send a client directly to IntroLend. Agents can also choose to work with their own favorite lender through the IntroLend app, and IntroLend will launch the onboarding process for that lender. IntroLend hosts over 150 retail and wholesale lenders. Depending on the property address, there can be multiple solutions for clients to choose from.

“The best way to learn about IntroLend Arizona is to contact our Executive Finance Manager, Dana Klarr. She has an amazing breadth of knowledge within this industry,” Kristan said. “I know Dana can help anyone who has a question about IntroLend or who has a specific lending requirement!”

About Introlend Arizona:

At IntroLend™ our mission is to greatly simplify the application, pre-approval and shopping phase of the housing finance process. Core to our value and services is to ensure that every client receives a competitive bid from multiple local and top-ranked mortgage and personal finance professionals. With IntroLend’s advanced technology and world class real-estate-finance team, we have developed a proactive approach to the lending phase of your home buying experience - making it easier and more organized for all of the parties within the transaction to work together.

Dana Klarr, Executive Finance Manager, IntroLend Arizona

IntroLend Arizona Contact:

Dana Klarr

Executive Finance Manager

Cell: 480.486.7959


About Kristan Cole:

Kristan Cole is a CEO and recognized industry leader in the world of real estate. With a 36+-year career as a Realtor, Broker, Operating Principal, and Regional Director, she brings expertise and MBA education to her clients, teams, and businesses. She has successfully expanded to over 50 locations across the country. Holding various leadership roles including Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion, she propels agents toward business ownership and sustainable growth strategies. Kristan is widely recognized in the industry. She leads the charge in the top 10 ranking at Keller Williams, top 50 in the US and was a 2018 Inman Innovator of the Year finalist. She is mentored by leadership author John C. Maxwell and CEO of Keller Williams, Gary Keller. Her generous spirit shines through her many philanthropic projects. "Kristan's Home of Hope" is a charitable non-profit she founded helping at-risk young youth with safe-housing. She is an avid supporter of the community, mother of five, and a licensed aircraft pilot.

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